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The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.
-Audrey Hepburn
01.1.11 ♥


Thanking my lucky stars!

Pure chance has been so generous and kind to me. It’s a miracle that in this vast time and space, I’ve found someone who is so special. And the fact that we’ve spent two years and three months together is amazing in itself. 

I thank my lucky stars everyday for having a man like you in my life. 


Hi Tumblr world,

I’m back! From my long hiatus of course if anybody even noticed…but I’m here to stay! Andy convinced me to come back on as long as I don’t get addicted to it like I used to…

That may be a challenge. But we’ll see how that all pans out ;)

Permalink Summer! Then college. :)

So long, Canyon High. It’s been real. 
Permalink Yes, to this. This year has been real, but I have absolutely no regrets or bitterness or sadness in my heart. 
Everything suddenly feels so surreal. The goodbye parting is definitely going to be the hardest part of graduation and I’m going to cling to my besties as if we’ll never see each other again. But I’m so happy for them and for the future we have in store. I’m going to look back at this infinite moment at graduation and remember only the laughs and love we shared throughout the year. I’ll genuinely smile because I’ve never had a more blessed year with the best people in the world. And for that, I could never thank everyone enough for making this my most unforgettable year. 
Permalink Tuesday, June 12
Just as everybody was preparing to go on the senior day trip to Magic Mountain, I was on my way to Venice Beach with Andy! It was unbelievably refreshing going on a 10 mile beach bike tour with a private guide on a Tuesday morning when Venice was still asleep. No freak shows, no weird people, no harassing hobos, and little vendors in the street. We ventured from the Venice canal (which was absolutely beautiful!), to a bike cruise along Venice and Malibu beach, to the Santa Monica pier, and finally to 3rd Street Promenade! 
I feel so in love with Southern California. The sights. The locals. The beach breeze when it’s blowing in my hair as I bike. And best of all, it was a whole day spent with my favorite person in the world. 
Summer 2012 officially begins in 2 days. :)

Senior week.

Senior breakfast, cap & gown, panoramic pictures 

Senior Trip 

Graduation practice & Goodbye parties

Senior Sunset

I’m feeling so many emotions right now that words cannot describe exactly what it is. It feels so surreal and yet so unbelievable. And I’m overwhelmed with longing, sadness, satisfaction, excitement, and sentimentality. 

Senior week is definitely getting to me. 

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A start to summer adventures ;)

Being the rebel senior I am, I left school in the middle of the day to go on a much-desired adventure.

We started off by taking a random toll road by accident to get to Laguna Beach. It’s been 2 years since I last visited this gem of a place in Southern California. And within moments of catching sight of the ocean, I started squealing with excitement. All those memories of my first time there came swimming back.

I remembered why I loved this place so very much. The cute boutiques along side the street, the classy and quaint beach-side restaurants, the colorful flowers perfectly planted in the lawns of mansions. The salty air, the sunshine, the warmth, and the breezy wind sweeping my hair to the side. It was all too perfect. We took the road less traveled (literally!) to A Thousand Steps down to a relatively private beach. Luckily for us, it wasn’t a thousand steps and the refreshing sight of the beach relieved us of all exhaustion. This exhaustion was replaced with excitement. No one was there on the beach. 

The water was foaming over algae-covered rocks and pools of urchins and mussels were sunbathing on the shore. We splashed and frolicked up and down the beach, holding hands, running into the massive waves (as terribly cheesy as that sounds).

And it was just, the best.

There’s no other way to say it. Nothing could have been better than today. It was exactly what I needed and wanted! 

Even now, I’m sure I’m still radiating with happiness. I cannot wait for summer to begin so everyday can be spent on an adventure.

Laguna Beach, I’ll be back shortly. :) 

Permalink Days like this reminds me of how life can be so exciting when you have someone to share these adventures with. The spontaneous beach excursion in the middle of the day was just the perfect thing I’ve been yearning for.
I missed the summertime adventures, the carelessness of life, the feeling of youthful love, and the sand in between my toes. The scenic sights, the delightful sounds, the sensation.
It’s these simple pleasures in life that just takes my breath away.